Language Activity Camps

English Summer Camps for kids and teens

Our English Language Camps

All-inclusive summer camps combining English learning in and out of the classroom with our range of exciting activities

Welcome to NSX Xplore Language Activity Camps

Our English summer camps or ‘language activity camps’ are the perfect place for 8 to 17 year olds to independently experience meeting and making new friends with other children and teenagers from around the world. For the past 9 years, we have consistently welcomed approximately 3,000 students to our camps each summer. All our camps offer a variety of adventure activities such as: quad biking, climbing, archery, air rifles, bushcraft and watersports.

Special Interest Camps

Students can combine their language summer camp with their favourite sport, hobby or even something completely new! Our Special Interest camps allow students to participate in sessions dedicated to developing a sport or skill alongside their English language classes.

Living here for a year gets normal, you get the feeling of being here for years very quickly and you just see the time flying by. You start writing in English with your German family because it is just easier and you don’t need to worry about your language skills because you will learn everyday vocabulary very quickly.


Germany (studying in England)
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