Intensive English Course

Our integrated summer camps are designed for students between the ages 8 to 17 to naturally improve their English language proficiency in an engaging and rewarding environment, taking part in a diverse programme of adventure activities and cultural excursions with the option to include EFL lessons to support language development.

Intensive English Course

The Intensive English Camp is an ESL camp with a concentrated and comprehensive approach to the teaching of English. This camp offers students 18 hours of English teaching every week in small groups of a maximum of 3 students. The student lets us know in advance of travelling to the UK which topics they would like to focus on and our experienced teachers create bespoke lesson plans to suit each student’s particular requests. This camp is particularly suitable for students revising for a specific exam as our teachers can tailor the lessons to suit the demands of their exam board.

Advantages of small group teaching include:

Our EFL courses are accredited by Really English. EFL lessons are optional for students, but give a fantastic framework for students to develop their English language skills and can provide a qualification by sitting a suitable examination.

Teachers can easily adapt classes by allocating more or less time to topics to meet the needs of the individual students. Due to the small class sizes the teacher becomes more familiar with the students and can tailor their lessons to suit the individual student’s method of learning.

Inspiring confidence
Many children are too shy to participate in large class discussions as they do not have enough self-belief in their ability to speak in the target language in front of such a large group. The small group teaching creates a more informal atmosphere in which students feel more comfortable and are encouraged to communicate in English.

Better feedback
In a small group, feedback can move beyond marked work and an A*-F grade. Due to the relaxed, informal environment students receive more instant oral feedback in class which leads to more overall feedback per student in comparison to the larger classes. In general, small group teaching allows more direct communication between the teacher and student.


Building team working skills
Due to its nature, small group teaching encourages teamwork skills as students are often given small problems or tasks to complete together as a group of 3. In this way, the small group teaching supports both academic and social development.

This course is perfect for students who would like to have a heightened focus on their language acquisition during their trip to the UK. It provides them with a challenging and yet supportive environment to focus on learning English whilst giving them the opportunity to participate in fun activities and go on excursions.

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