Language provision

Our NSX Xplore teachers are trained in our methods, our philosophy and our ethos. We are absolutely dedicated to having the very best language provision for your students so that not only do they have an outstanding programme with us, but they go home having improved leaps and bounds in their English.

Our Director of Studies is Diploma qualified and has formulated this programme to exactly fit the needs of students attending our short-term language courses. During your students’ time with us, they will study English through many topics and subjects. While we are aware of the importance of grammar and function of the language, we are basing our syllabus on communicative and interactive lessons for the students. They will be able to exercise their English in debates, through role play and using their imagination.

Our syllabus is based on the Common European Framework Reference (CEFR) and we work at those levels in the classroom. In this way we can ensure that each student can understand the tasks and contexts, but by the same token be stretched. Each of our teachers is trained on the CEFR, ensuring that all of the students are constantly monitored and can be rearranged in level or class, if that should be deemed necessary. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that all of our teachers have the same NSX Xplore training, as well as their own TEFL qualification. We have the same excellent standard of language provision across all of our centres at all times across the year, which is fundamental to our programmes so we can therefore guarantee you, as an agent, that no matter which centre or time of year you choose, you can be assured of the high language standards.

All our camps offer a variety of adventure activities, such as quad biking, climbing, archery, air rifles, bushcraft and watersports as standard. We also offer a range of specialist camps combining a focused subject with either EFL lessons or activities.


Our Approach

Our method is one of natural acquisition. We are sure to support even the shyest of students, to ease them into a natural and normal way of communicating in English. Relying on the authenticity of the tasks and language we present, we support and encourage our young learners to start being comfortable with taking linguistic risks, taking strides forward and using the language with comfort. Natural acquisition allows students to leave the course with a firm grasp on the language, through repitition. We strive to give students the tools to achieve more. Whether that be in the activities or the English classroom, we ensure we equip them for success. Each of our teachers has received our own in-house training, supported by an Academic Manager and a Director of Studies.

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