Our Philosophy

At NSX Xplore we have woven our five core values into our philosophy, meaning that all our students, no matter the programme they opt for, will be part of the same experience.

Social interaction
A student's time at Xplore will be full of social opportunities and the chance to meet others from around the world. We actively encourage friendships through our huge range of team building and interactive activities. Our EFL classes are also supportive of this value as we put the emphasis on communicative learning and student-to-student interaction.

Leadership and Communication
We don't teach groups of students on mass; we teach individuals, together.
We treat every student uniquely and support them in any way we can. We ensure that students feel supported through their time with us and we give them the opportunities to grow into leaders themselves.

Language Development
Our language provision is designed with young learners in mind. We have our own syllabus in place for our teachers to work from, and while they will bring their own personal touch to their lessons, every student across all centres will have the same level of teaching. We aim to support, encourage, inspire and create a stimulating environment for language learners, all of which underpins our core value of language development.

Local Integration
At every opportunity, we ensure that our students are involved in their local surroundings. We ensure that excursion days are of interest and are relevant to our learners and we promote this by providing pre-excursion information, in English of course! There is also the possibility for some students to integrate with local students on and off campus.

Cultural Immersion
Whilst important language learning happens in the classroom, we also utilise our cultural outings to ensure our students are getting as much exposure to the language as possible. Trips and excursions, along with activities and friendships are the lasting memories of a trip with Xplore, however we strive for the lasting effect of a student's time with us, to be that of English language learning development.

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